Had an amazing time at the IDEA convention this last weekend, and I owe it to one of my fitness friends Alee Baytan, who always lifts me up and helps me to achieve more. Whether she is pushing me to give it my all in a workout, helping me to promote my business via social media ( the picture above is one she posted on instagram) or giving me great tips on how to inspire my group exercise classes this girl is always a positive influence on me, showing me what hard work and dedication can really achieve. Even though Alee was really busy during the convention, she was actually on stage with celebrity trainer Chalene Johnson showcasing the latest Turbo Kick Boxing workout, she took the time to hang out with me and introduce me to awesome new people. I realized after this weekend that Alee is always really busy, but she ALWAYS takes the time to help me and my business in any way that she can.

No matter where you are in your health and fitness journey it is really important to surround yourself with positive people who are trying to better themselves and the people around them. Knowing that you have the support and friendship, and if you are lucky enough guidance, of another person who understands your goals can really make losing weight and getting healthier so much easier. However there is only one way to find a fitness friend that can lift you higher and that is by being a fitness friend your self! There have been many people who have inspired me to better myself and become a health and fitness freak but there is no way that I would have met any of them unless I put myself out there and made a commitment to spending quality healthy time with them. No matter what you have going on during your life there is always time  to be helpful to another person, even if  it is just inspiring people with social media posts about your workouts or healthy meals. This is a lesson I have learned from many of my inspirational fitness friends and was reminded of this last weekend. I wanted to take the time to thank Alee and all the amazing people I met this weekend, and also let YOU know that if you are in need of a fitness friend that can LIFT you higher, I would love to be that person for you, and all that I ask is that you try to do the same thing for someone else.

Email me: anytime for fitness tips, questions or just to talk, I am always here for you.