Hi, I’m Jessica Talbi.

After I decided to make a change in my life and get healthier, I realized that the key to weight loss for me was counting calories. Through this process, I became more aware of the things I put into my body and began making healthier choices. It was a learning experience, and I want to help other people reach their fitness goals with both my weight loss app, It’s A Cinch, and meal plans that fit their dietary preferences and are also good for them too!

My website is full of easy-to-follow, new recipes for meals and snacks that are both healthy and delicious. The recipes are designed to fit into your desired calorie range, while meeting your individual food preferences, whether you’re vegan, pescatarian, or gluten free. Through my weight loss app, It’s A Cinch, as well as through my Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts, I post daily tips that help you expand your overall health knowledge and learn how to embrace a new, healthy approach to life.

Fitness and health has become one of my passions, and I am dedicated to helping others find the same passion for their own health. For questions about making your health a priority as well as personalized meal plans, please contact me at

Jessica Talbi
Jessica TalbiCreator of It's A Cinch